We provide a supervision ecosystem that integrates the discovery of all devices with an IP address, whether it is a printer, a smart cam, an alarm sensors, a mobile, an Ecoflow battery, a Windows PC, Linux, a NAS , a smart plug, etc.

Monitoring all processes, services, performance counters, events, Windows ports, SNMP requests

Inventory and remote management of PCs and servers (Monitorpack Asset coming soon)

Automatic and integrated generation of tickets to all solutions such as Zoho Desk, Zendesk, Freshdesk, monday, ServiceNow, etc.

The integration provided in Microsoft SQL and SSRS to analyze & consolidate information on the status, health and performance of your IT systems. It also provides statistics on your alerts and the availability of your application environments.

All of this is free for an unlimited number of devices when you have at least one Monitorpack Discovery subscription.